By: Danielle Savage Hobbs

Have you ever wanted to see a place before going there? Take a tour without stepping foot in the facility?  360-Cameras are allowing us to do just that.

The Victory Enterprises production team has a 360-Camera we’ve used with our sister company, Victory XR.  Seeing all the amazing things we could do for VictoryXR’s immersive education program, we know there is great potential for our commercial and political clients as well. The most familiar application for this technology might be house tours hosted by real estate websites, but it has so much more potential to all kinds of clients.

One application is the ability to sync up 360-Images with Google Maps (view an example of our office in Davenport). With this application, people searching your location or business online can get a sense of the space before ever arriving at your physical location.

When you set up a virtual tour through your website, you can add “Hot Spots”, which are links embedded in the image.  You can use this to share videos, information, or connect them to websites and booking information. Hot spots can only be hosted through a website, not on Google maps. You can see an example of this here.

If you’re hosting an event, but want to share it with a broader audience, a 360-Camera can capture immersive photos that allow users to explore the space and find videos of speakers and links to more information shared during the event.

After COVID, many people are looking for opportunities to maintain accessible events while we return to normal. One of the great advantages of 360-Cameras is the ability to open up your space, venue, event, or campaign to people who might otherwise be unable to access it in an immersive way, whether hosted online or in virtual reality.

Victory Enterprises is ready to show you what our 360-Cameras can do for you.  Email our production team manager, Ben Muehleisen, to set up a consultation and learn more today!