• May 3, 2017
  • Briana
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1. How’d you get started with Victory Enterprises?
A classmate during my junior year at St. Ambrose informed me of an internship nearby. I reached out for an interview and within a few days Brian Dumas was offering me an internship. We hit it off AND towards the end of my degree I was brought on as a full-time designer.

2. What do you do at Victory Enterprises?
I work on and oversee the creation of custom interfaces for websites, mobile applications, virtual reality environments and social media branding/graphic work.  Outside of the digital medium, we also work heavily in print, including mailers and miscellaneous collateral.

3. What VE project that you’re working on (or worked on) are you most excited about?
A highlight would have to be working close with Senator Rand Paul and his team to create and manage his online store for his presidential campaign in 2016.

4. What’s the best advice you’ve ever given or received?
“Always assume the other guy is more prepared.”
My Dad shared this with me during my warm up for a conference championship. This was invaluable in that game and has proven itself time and time again in my professional career. To think outside the box and prepare yourself beyond what you think is enough.

5. Cubs or Cardinals?
Hey Chicago, whaddaya say?

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