• April 17, 2017
  • Briana
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1. How’d you get started with Victory Enterprises?


From 2004-2006 I served as Executive Director of the Missouri House Republican Campaign Committee. I utilized VE’s media team in our successful effort to retain the Missouri House Republican Majority. I was approached about joining the company in 2007 and, along with our Head of Creative Wayne Yocum, started VE’s Missouri operation that year. It has been an incredible experience growing our reach in Missouri and beyond while building a durable company with incredible potential for the future.


2. What do you do at Victory Enterprises?


As President of VE, I work on a daily basis to grow our business across the country. I work with our company management team on our long-term goals and growth strategy and I work with our political team to recruit candidates and win elections.


3. What VE project that you’re working on (or worked on) are you most excited about?


For me, the business side of our company is most exciting. I’ve been proud to be a part of numerous successful campaigns across the country and a lot of that has been a result of the incredible team of political, creative and technology professionals we’ve recruited and trained.


Our clients also benefit from our focus on technology as does our business. Right now, I’m working with our VE management team to grow our newest company, VictoryVR, as we launch into the education, entertainment and professional training spaces. The product has blown people away and I’m excited about its growth potential.


4. What’s the best advice you’ve ever given or received?


“Build lasting relationships and always play the long game.”


5. Cubs or Cardinals?


Not even a question. Go Cardinals.

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