The beginning of any campaign has to include signage. It is the first and most effective way to help voters connect with your name ID and begin to build a recognition for it.

Here are 5 tips to make your signs the best in the game.

  1. Use HIGH CONTRAST Color Schemes: Your signs need to be visible to quickly passing cars, in bad weather, and from a distance. Color choices should be bold and rich; think deep reds, dark blues, and forest greens. Pastels or light/light color combinations will not stand out.
  2. A FLEXIBLE Logo: Your logo should be able to fill a shape without distorting the proportions. A good designer will have the ability to make adjustments for different size signs (as well as any other campaign material you need).
  3. Take Advantage of NEGATIVE SPACE: Empty space keeps the focus on what really matters; your name. If you try to clutter every corner of the sign with details, the impact of the sign will lessen. Negative or White space allows the text to breathe, making it easier for the eye to focus and read when driving past.
  4. Be CONCISE: Your sign cannot accommodate too many details. The most effective part of the sign is your name and race. Logos, phrases, pictures, detail work… all distract and confuse viewers. Establishing name recognition is the focus here. We’ll follow up with persuasive messaging later through palm cards, mail, digital, and more.
  5. TRUST your Designer: Most of the advice can be boiled down to this point; when you join the Victory team, you’ll have access to the best political designers in the business. They know how to make a logo that speaks to the viewer, is flexible for other settings, and creates a brand for the campaign.

Your signs are usually the first introduction of your campaign to the community at large. Make the most of it by following these five tips for strong, effective campaign signs!