By Brett Dinkins, Consultant

Campaign Signs are an important part of every political race. They often represent a significant investment by your campaign, and it is important to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck! Here are a few of my tips to maximize the impact of campaign signage:

  1. Keep it Clear and Concise: Or as my English teacher used to tell me: Keep It Simple Stupid!  Make sure your signs deliver a clear and concise message. For most candidates, this is simply your name and position you are seeking. Avoid cluttering the sign with too much text or complex visuals. Your main message should be front and center. The goal of a sign is to show support and drive name ID. Brief, impactful slogans or statements that voters can easily understand and remember can be considered in certain circumstances. “Conservative Veteran”, for example, may be a clear differentiator between you and your opponents. Words like “Leadership-Experience-Results” are something every candidate can say and does nothing to drive a real message.
  2. Use Bold Colors and Simple Design: Don’t fall into the trap of thinking every political sign needs to be Red, White and Blue. You will ultimately end up creating a sign that looks like everyone else’s and it won’t be something voters remember. Opt for colors that are eye-catching and easily readable from a distance. High-contrast color combinations, such as black text on a white background or vice versa, tend to be effective. Keep the design simple and avoid overly intricate graphics that may distract from your message. 
  3. Invest in Quality: Invest in durable materials for your signs to ensure they withstand different weather conditions and remain intact throughout the campaign season. You might think you are saving a few bucks by using cheap online print shops or single-sided signs, but ultimately the price you pay is much steeper when you are dealing with faded, damaged signs that can only be seen from one direction. Maintain consistency in design and messaging across all your campaign signage for brand recognition and to reinforce your key points.
  4. You Don’t Need Your Face on Your Sign: I’m not sure where this awful trend began, but your face won’t be on the ballot so you don’t need it on your sign. The exception to this golden rule is if there is something super unique to your background or bio that would make you instantly recognizable to voters who might not otherwise know you. But otherwise, save the lovely photos of yourself and your family for direct mail, digital advertising, and other areas of the campaign.
  5. Focus on Visibility and Location: Choose high-traffic areas where your signs will be seen by as many people as possible. Consider placing signs near busy intersections, along major roads, or in areas with frequent foot traffic. Ensure your signage is large enough to be noticed from a distance and that it stands out against its surroundings. Always use double-sided signs.