Now that you’ve filed your nomination papers and petitions, and your signatures have been counted, certified and confirmed, what’s next for your campaign?

Follow up with a thank you note

We suggest the first thing you do after submitting your papers and petitions is follow up with the volunteers and supporters who helped you with a thank you note for their hard work. Not only is a thank you note a gesture of appreciation, it’s a way to reach your support team to keep you top-of-mind.

Log your electors

If you’re a first-time candidate, you’re probably looking to establish and grow a ‘house list,’ or list of known supporters of your campaign. The easiest way to start is to log into a database the electors who signed your papers or petitions. After all, they took the time to vouch for you as a candidate, so they’re already known to be on your side.

Start reaching out and growing your campaign

Using the ‘house list’ you developed after circulating nomination papers and petitions, start sending emails, letters, texts and social media posts to your supporters. Now is the time to get them on board and engaged in your campaign.

If your campaign is in need of our service or insight, reach out to us for an assessment of your campaign, and the ways we can help.