Victory Enterprises has over two decades of experience running and winning tough campaigns for our clients. We attribute it to a talented staff, and sticking to the fundamentals.

As our newsletter subscriber, we’ve given you exclusive insight into our best practices when assembling a campaign team. This week, we’re talking about the role and significance of having a solid finance committee.

Leading up to this, we have discussed in detail the role of the candidate, the campaign manager, the event coordinator, and the treasurer.

Having a finance committee, a group of donors who are willing to help candidates raise money, opens the door to an entire world of funding possibilities through their friends, families, and peers. In the world of campaign finance, it’s important to have advocates who care enough about a candidate’s cause to assist in their fundraising.

Candidates still have to do much of the fundraising themselves – hosting parties, attending meetings, and making donor phone calls – but a financial committee works an extended donation circuit to increase donations.

Before a candidate asks someone to join their committee, they should first ask them for a contribution. Asking for donations is the best way to meet high-end donors who may become part of a finance committee. Candidates don’t want to ask someone who refuses to donate their own money to be a part of the finance committee.

The more connected candidates are to local finance and business leaders, the closer they appear to the concerns of the community. Convincing a group of leaders about the trustworthiness of your campaign not only enhances your chances of raising money and building connections, but improves the candidate’s image as well.

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