In 2018 we were busy. We made over 200 pieces of media for digital, radio, or television release. That doesn’t even include our other departments like direct mail and yard signs. That is a lot of media to produce! For most of our shooting production, we rented a camera to go with our crew. This year we decided to make an investment in our camera department that will keep us on the cutting edge for years to come while giving us the ability to offer greater quality, more consistent pricing, better flexibility, and lowering the barrier of entry for our clients.

Here is a short hype video for the new camera package; we’re excited about the capabilities the EVA-1 provides Victory and our clients!

Here is a camera review video that goes a bit more in-depth to why we wanted to make this investment, what factors we considered, how we arrived at our decision, and ultimately, what all this means for VE and our clients.

Victory now boasts a fully-capable package that will handle most projects with ease or form a strong base for larger projects. Starting with the Panasonic EVA-1 and complimented with the Zacuto Recoil Pro V2, we are going to capture great quality footage. Built on top of the Sachtler Flowtech 75 tripod, and all packed in the CineBags CB25 Revolution backpack, we are ready to meet you wherever your needs might be.

How can Victory help you increase your presence, brand, quality, and advertising? Give Ben Muehleisen a call to talk it out! 636.236.5264 or email