At this point your campaign has locked in its winning message – But what is the best way to effectively put it in front of the people you need to hear and see it?

Instead of going with the proverbial “putting all of your eggs into one basket” route, try blending the delivery of your message.

More specifically, spread your budget over mail, digital, and if you can afford it, TV and radio. And when you do, be sure the message and branding is the same across the board.


Alright, you’ve developed your mail plan. You’ve laid out the design and feel, and have established a message to your target audience. Now you can think about running paid advertising online – And it’s easier than you think. Take the two or three main points and a photo from your mail, and have a designer put together Facebook or website sized banner ads. You can use the list you are mailing to and match it with an online audience. Not only will you reach your audience by mail, you’ll create repetition by reinforcing the same message to the same people online.

Scale Back and Target Specific Voting Propensities

If you have the budget it is likely that you’ll be running paid TV or radio advertising. While TV and radio escalates your profile and creates a buzz, it is expensive and it yields a lot of waste. You’ll have people seeing and hearing your message who don’t vote, may not live in your district, and do not agree with what you are saying.

Consider cutting the expense and over-delivery by taking your audio or video online. You can use the content you’ve developed for TV and radio and deliver it online to a targeted audience. That ensures a consistent brand and message, and the production won’t cost anything additional. The most significant benefit is the fact that you can purchase air time before web videos or on websites and target people with specific voting propensities that your campaign identifies.

We Can Help

Victory Enterprises is unique because we have talented experts who can help you deliver your message across platforms. We create and design mail, online advertisements, and TV and

radio spots. We will keep your message and brand consistent, and advise you about where your budget is most effectively spent.

If you’re looking for ways to blend your campaign message across delivery platforms, we are eager to help you.

Email our office manager, Leslie Owens, now, and she’ll put you in touch with an expert who will provide you pro guidance.