• Ahead of a film shoot

    By on September 28, 2022

    Last week we presented what candidates should expect while at their film shoot. Touching on the same topic –...

  • What to expect at a film shoot

    By on September 21, 2022

    On November 9th, the political commercials, social media ads, phone calls and mail will all be over. Until then,...

  • One-Stop Shop for Parade Swag

    By on May 18, 2022

    We recently featured a free parade checklist for our candidates to use when their campaigns canvas routes in upcoming...

  • Best Practices for Planning Video Content

    By on March 16, 2022

    By Ben Muehleisen If you’ve committed to making video a part of your campaign, whether for TV or online,...

  • After You’ve Filed

    By on February 23, 2022

    Now that you’ve filed your nomination papers and petitions, and your signatures have been counted, certified and confirmed, what’s...

  • Commit to Video – Receive FREE Social Media Graphics

    By on June 30, 2021

    Now through July 14th, receive four FREE social media graphics to promote your campaign or business when you commit...

  • Our 360 Camera (and the cool things we can do with it!)

    By on June 23, 2021

    By: Danielle Savage Hobbs Have you ever wanted to see a place before going there? Take a tour without...

  • Incorporate Video Into Your Campaign Plan

    By on June 9, 2021

    Incorporating video to market your political campaign is no longer for only the major political players. It’s for ALL...

  • We Can Do That!

    By on May 13, 2020

    Did you catch the video President George W. Bush recently released? If not, give it a quick look:

  • Auto Call Dos and Don’ts

    By on May 6, 2020

    With much of America still quarantined at home, now is a chance to effectively reach them without having to...