• Dos and Don’ts For Your Campaign Site

    By on July 15, 2020

    Websites are a modern campaign staple, as they serve as a portal which connects voters, volunteers and contributors to...

  • VE Year-In-Review

    By on January 8, 2020

    In 2019, we produced some pretty cool material for our clients. Our year-in-review montage gives you an idea of...

  • 3 Things Your Graphic Designer Needs You to Know!

    By on October 2, 2019

    As head of Victory Enterprises’ graphic design team, I work on everything from our websites and Virtual Reality experiences...

  • VE Product Highlight: TBK Bank Sports Complex Website

    By on April 10, 2019

    This month, Victory Enterprises is proud to highlight the TBK Bank Sports Complex website.  As the head developer on...

  • Employee Spotlight: Briana Langlois, Director of Technology

    By on April 10, 2019

    In 2012, Briana Langlois came to work at Victory Enterprises as a web developer after moving to Davenport from...

  • The Iowa Motor Truck Association Website

    The Iowa Motor Truck Association

    By on August 28, 2014 Victory Enterprises, Inc. developed and designed the site for The Iowa Motor Truck Association, taking into account the...

  • Chalk Bites Website

    Chalk Bites

    By on May 7, 2014 Chalk Bites is a video teaching and testing tool for use by human resource directors, coaches, school administrators...

  • Graham Group Website

    Graham Group

    By on April 11, 2014 The Graham Group Inc. and its sub-companies’ websites were developed by Victory Enterprises. The websites were created with a...

  • Iowa Egg Council Website

    Iowa Egg Council

    By on April 8, 2014 The Iowa Egg Council website was redesigned with the goal to give it a modern look and make...

  • Elliot Bros Trucking Website

    Elliott Bros. Trucking

    By on April 7, 2014 Elliott Bros. Trucking now has an online footprint! Victory Enterprises designed and developed Elliott Bros. website and employee...