For any campaign – from municipal up to presidential – you always hear about the tv ads that have run and the mail pieces that have been received, but this doesn’t typically win elections outright. What often gets overlooked is the importance of face-to-face contact – getting out in the community and going door-to-door to find out what is most important to a candidate’s electorate.

At Victory Enterprises, we have a tested and proven process in place to connect candidates to their communities. We call it Field Trust, and it is improving the outcome of elections for our clients.

Here’s how our process works:


Our data team will work alongside your campaign to ensure we hit the right voters with the right message – every time. Additionally, our mobile teams will be able to target those areas historically challenging for campaigns to help you drive margins where your opponent cannot.


We move quickly to identify the right team for your campaign, and we quickly deploy them to the project. We will oversee all aspects of the deployment, including recruiting, reporting, housing and staff oversight.


We implement fully integrated door programs that often include personal follow-up through phones, handwritten postcards and pre/post-knock digital ad delivery to amplify the quality of the door knock.


Data is the lifeblood of any campaign, and we provide daily, quantitative reports of total knocks, favorable/unfavorable/undecided voters, and yard sign locations. At the same time, we will provide a qualitative field report to ensure your campaign identifies important trends quickly

Our efforts have made the difference in races all over the country! If you are interested in learning more about Field Trust and how our proven process can make the difference in your race, please reach out to me at