In 2020, the digital landscape for campaigns will look very different from even the revolutionary last few years. As media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify alter what you can and cannot post as a political candidate or action committee, you need up-to-date experts and specialists in your corner if you want to make your campaign work online.

Here at Victory Enterprises, we are proud to have two-time Pollie award winner Charlie Puyear lead our digital team, along with our strategist, ad placement, graphic design, web and tech teams. Their expertise is invaluable, but they consistently invest time in continuing education and certification requirements so you know they can help navigate a complex system of virtual relationships.

“Political candidates and causes have an overwhelming amount of digital tools, mediums, and platforms at their disposal. Our job is to help our clients navigate an ever-changing field and deploy the right solution for the job.” – Charlie Puyear, Digital Director

Later this month, VE will launch a new company (stay tuned) to ensure we’re able to place the most innovative, effective and affordable buys and placement for all our clients. It doesn’t matter how large your campaign is, this additional resource will ensure you have the best tools, technology, data and ad inventory to meet the changing arena of digital advertising.

Last year alone, Twitter made the decision to block all political ads on their platform, a move that inspired Spotify to do the same. Social media giant Facebook has rolled out incremental changes that left many campaigns in a lurch. Accused of playing favorites and allowing misinformation to spread like wildfire on their site, Facebook has regularly been under fire for its allowances and over-policing of political candidates.

These changes may leave campaigns without a firm understanding of how to operate. Account verification, website demands, changing guidelines, post-approval, promotion, as well as the basics of creating shareable and professional content are now a full-time job on any campaign.

With Victory, we remove the guesswork just like you would any other aspect of the campaign. Our team is certified on multiple platforms, including Google Analytics, Facebook, and more.

“The digital landscape is changing every day, especially where political advertising is concerned. Our team is constantly monitoring, adapting, and developing new techniques to ensure our product is always on the cutting edge.” – Cynthia Winschel, Digital Advertising Specialist

Our digital suite of management, creative, messaging and ad placement services are our answer to the rapidly changing world of social networking and media placement. Breaking through the noise on most platforms, we’ll provide our clients access to thousands of data sources and advertising networks to build the campaign around your goals. Using the latest in audience targeting and modeling sciences, we can provide metrics through real-time reporting that helps you know your goals are being met and your money well spent.

“Since our founding, VE has always been passionate about meeting the demands of emerging technologies in media consumption,” Joe Lakin, who established VE’s digital division, said. “We’ve consistently won best-in-class digital awards by delivering the best digital content in the business. This year, we’re going to continue leading in the digital space by making sure we’re buying the best ad inventory with the best technology in the digital space.”