In 2012, Briana Langlois came to work at Victory Enterprises as a web developer after moving to Davenport from Minnesota with her husband. Since then, her hard work and leadership skills have helped promote her to the position of Technology Director.

As Victory’s Director of Technology, she oversees every aspect of our technological division, manages workflow, handles client communications and oversees the processes and operations behind our substantial tech workshop. Everything from websites to VR falls under Briana’s oversight.

“Although I got my start with website design, the field of tech is always evolving and growing,” says Briana. “I’ve always been interested in the next, new thing and it’s so much fun being part of a company who shares that passion for growing.” A couple of years ago, Victory founder Steve Grubbs decided to branch out and add Virtual Reality to our product line. It absolutely changed Briana’s life.

“That first VR project was fun but really challenging,” says Briana. “We were all new to it, but so excited to play a part in its development.” Creating new products from scratch gave Briana the chance to test her skills and push her creativity to the limit, which paid off as they produced an experience for VR. “I worked with Steve Grubbs to build a team that could tackle more than just website management but would be capable of developing new software and programming for Virtual and Augmented Reality.”

Through some back and forth, trial and error, Briana and her team brought their first VR project to life. “We’re really proud of how that experience turned out and it is still one of the programs we demonstrate with prospective clients.”

Now, VE VR and Victory XR are two separate companies under the Victory banner. Victory Enterprises still handles all your website and management needs, but we’re proud to offer a variety of options to our clients. No matter your need, Victory Enterprises has the infrastructure to meet it, largely due to Briana’s work developing our technical division.

“The VR and AR worlds are growing and it is a very fun division to be a part of,” says Briana. “One of our first projects was managing the creation of an entire middle school curriculum for VR. It’s amazing how this tech is beginning to shape how we teach, inform, advertise and train.”

Growing up, Briana says she had no idea that VR would become such a big part of her professional life. “I loved working on the computer. Writing code, editing pictures, and working in flash were exciting and new opportunities. I was lucky my high school offered two web development classes and it really opened my eyes to the career possibilities in web design.”

Briana Langlois graduated from the Art Institute in Minneapolis with a degree in web design and interactive media in 2010. In the seven years she has worked for Victory, she has developed a reputation with clients as someone who will do anything to make sure their needs are met. “I hear all the time about how clients are grateful for what we do. We try very hard to keep them up to date on their project status and keep them involved in the process.”

Victory is extremely proud of Briana and the effort she put in to make our technology department flourish, but she will give credit where credit is due. “It is a huge honor to have the team here that we do. Our development team works tirelessly to bring the clients vision to life, which is not always an easy task. But they’re hugely creative and gracious as we work together. I couldn’t ask for a better team!”

“From the beginning, VE has excelled in website design and development. Our creative director is recognized for his experience in UI design. He can take a list of functions a website needs to perform and plan out the best possible way to display this to the user. Our development team can take front end designs and put them into a custom WordPress CMS that allows the client to easily update their content after the project is complete. We are proud to work together and bring a high-quality product to all our clients!”

When Briana Langlois isn’t working, she and her husband love to dirt bike and snowboard with their friends and family. They have a dog named Zuki and two rabbits, Leonard and Night Hawk.