Having crossed into 2020, candidates and political groups have made the psychological and literal switch from ‘non-election’ year to ‘election’ year, and will soon be faced with making marketing decisions. While there are many tried-and-true marketing methods, the unique and wide-ranging promotional options we produce and make available have set our clients apart – and can be the difference between winning and losing.

The following are some of the traditional ways campaigns can reach voters, along with outside-the-box ideas to amplify and reinforce a message.


Probably the most well known and recognizable campaign tool is the yard or window banner. Candidates want them and supporters love posting them in their yards, but they can often be overlooked. Consider our 4’x8’ signs if you want to stand out. They are sturdy, weatherproof and recyclable, and you won’t miss seeing it in a farm field when you’re driving down the freeway or at the corner of a busy four-way stop.

Door Lit

Equally as important to a campaign as signage is the palm card – the piece of lit every candidate should take along when going door to door to meet potential voters. They serve as the candidate’s business card, containing biographical, contact, and position information, but restrictive postal service rules and locked screen doors can make leaving them at a home impossible. That’s where door knob hangers come in handy! Door knob hangers contain all of the same information as a palm card, but they are slightly oversized and come with a pre-cut hole at the top, allowing for them to be hung from a door knob or mail flag.


If you have an online presence and already have a social media program in place, think about expanding your outreach and start running digital advertising. Victory Enterprises just launched Objective Media, which will be focused exclusively on delivering maximum digital effectiveness and efficiency for our political and corporate clients. In a time where reaching people where they are is essential, Objective Media will put your message in front of those who need to see it.

If you are looking for additional ways to expand your brand and approach, please let us know. Our experts can audit the way you are reaching out to your target audience, and can provide ideas that will lend new life to proven strategies!