Our research department is helmed by Cory Done, whose considerable experience in campaigns and government has made him a valuable asset to the Victory Enterprises team. Our goal is to be your one-stop shop for every campaign need, and Cory’s attention to detail and unique understanding of what affects voters makes him a valuable asset to your campaign too.

“After coming to VE in 2010, I worked for several years in roles that required the use of opposition research reports,” shared Cory. “I used research to write poll scripts, mail pieces, digital content, and TV and radio ads. This gave me a good feel for how to employ research findings and how to find information on my own when necessary. This experience on the ‘consumer’ side of research has given me great insight into the research process. While we cast a wide net on every project, I also know what is likely to move the needle in polling and what motivates voters because of this invaluable, past experience.”

Cory has been involved with politics for nearly 15 years. Before coming to Victory, Cory worked in various capacities on the official and campaign side of government and politics. As a history major in college, Cory found the research process to be something he consistently enjoyed. “It’s always exciting,” he said. “No two projects are ever the same. I believe fact-finding in politics is important.”

Cory admits he is a perfectionist, and always ensures his work is reliable and accurate. “Research is an important component for every campaign at every level of government. You want to understand your opponent, but also your own vulnerabilities.”

Who needs research then? “Research is a wise investment for any campaign that can’t afford to waste money on bad messaging or an uninformed campaign strategy.” Not only does it help you understand what your opponent could do, it “ensures you are testing the right messages in your polling, helping you maximize your campaign expenditures with effective messaging across all mediums.”

Regardless of the value provided, many candidates worry about the impacts of so-called “negative campaigning.” Cory has an answer for that too.

“You have to remember that voters can like you and still not vote for you, especially when you’re running against an incumbent,” he says. “You are asking voters to fire the incumbent and hire you instead. The research allows you to present a fact-based case to voters in a thoughtful and compelling manner.”

So, what if the research uncovers something really damaging or crazy about your opponent? Cory emphasizes the importance of not making any assumptions, staying on message, and continuing to work hard. “Don’t assume the race is over just because you found a bombshell. Some information could be difficult to communicate, and voters may not respond the way you expect. It is important to keep promoting the core, positive messages of your campaign.”

In summary, opposition research is about far more than digging up dirt on your opponent. With Cory Done as your researcher, you’re getting two decades of official, political, and research experience to help you craft messaging, build an effective strategy, and deftly respond to attacks. His work helps you fly straight and true through even the worst political storms to keep your campaign grounded in facts.

It’s never too early to start thinking about research. If you want to craft a winning campaign with a strong backbone, email research@victoryenterprises.com today to get started!