Over the past weekend, Meta Platforms, Inc., Facebook’s parent company, experienced significant ad delivery issues which impacted business advertisers worldwide. The issue centered around ads being delivered in excess of budgeted buys, which impacted not only the amount spent, but also the delivery rate of some buys. According to Meta, the issue has now been resolved and suggested any issues of overspending would be rectified.

When made aware of the problem and potential impact, Victory Enterprises’ digital team went to work to assess any damage or affect on our clients who use Facebook to advertise. Fortunately, an initial review has revealed little to no impact with our ad account, but we will continue to stay in touch with our Facebook representatives.

The point here is not to pile on and point out another Meta error, but to bring to our clients’ attention the care and urgency with which we act to stay on top of any digital issues that may arise with Facebook.

Our commitment to our digital clients does not end at quality content. We monitor digital news and stay up-to-date on issues related to Facebook. Our team gets to the bottom of questions with answers so our clients don’t have to.

If you are interested in launching a digital campaign on Facebook, reach out to our team today!