You’re a candidate running in this spring’s traditionally low-turnout election.  You want to present yourself in the most professional way possible.  You have a great message and momentum on your side, but campaign funds are limited.

You might be asking yourself – What options are available to me to spread my message effectively and bring voters home?

The answer:  Go digital.

Cohesive Content

Digital display advertising and Facebook branded ads allow you to reach potential voters where they spend the most time – Online and on social media.  Our best advice would be to remain consistent with your content.  You don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time you create a new piece of material.  If you have a palm card or a piece of lit that you bring with you to events or leave at the homes you visit, replicate that.  Your message has a better chance of resonating with voters and being remembered if it is consistent and repeated.

Consistent Targeting

If you are knocking on doors, odds are you’ve secured a list of households you believe will be open to your message.  Continue to reach those voters long after you’ve visited their home with digital ads.  Digital advertising allows you to take a list of people you want to reach and match it with their online profiles and information.  Once modeling is done, the same list of people whose doors you’re knocking on will receive online ads.

Scalable To Your Budget

Digital advertising doesn’t have to break any budget.  In fact, we look at it as a compliment to your other methods of advertising.  We will scale your digital budget to meet the resources you have available.   We think it’s in the interest of candidates to have multiple elements of advertising rather than going all-in on only one.

If you have questions about expanding your marketing techniques, we have experts who are able to guide you through a program that is right for you.

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