Incorporating video to market your political campaign is no longer for only the major political players. It’s for ALL candidates. We’ve made it easier, cheaper and more effective than you may think.

Volumes could be written about the growth and importance of online video, but here’s a quick rundown of the basics all candidates should know:

Engagement is better with video than static posts

Twitter recently found that “Tweets with video attracted 10x more engagements than Tweets without video.” That statistic is breathtaking but not surprising given how rapidly video is eclipsing text and graphic posts as the preferred medium to to catch people’s attention.

Simply put, if you want to have a vibrant presence on social media these days, your best bet is to capture people’s attention with video. The trick is making sure you do it right.

Video is easy to make but difficult to make well

Take a moment to think about how often you click the “skip ad” button when it’s an option? Or think about how quickly you scroll past video if it doesn’t command your attention within seconds.

Designing content to grab attention fast is key. Our experts have extensive experience creating video content that is proven to command voters’ attention and engage them in a way that will get them to commit to what you want them to view – which means you’ll need to find the right people.

Targeting the right people is key

Paying to target your audience will increase views significantly. Our digital team is equipped to ensure the right people are seeing the right content. Pair that with a video produced with your target audience in mind, and you’re starting your video campaign off on the right foot!

It is more affordable than you think

VE has considerable experience working with candidates running at every level of government, so we are equipped to scale our production to fit your budget and desired outcome. Your time is valuable, so we make sure to film a lot of content in a short amount of time.

With proper planning, we can develop engaging, specific, high quality content that we can use for months to come for both paid and organic social media.

If you’re interested in additional information about our video production capabilities, email our Head of Production, Ben Muehleisen, for more details!