With the election closing in, pennies are being pinched to squeeze every last vote out of a candidate’s budget. But what should you do if your campaign has the fortune of receiving some last-minute, unexpected contributions?

The short answer: Digital placement.

When your campaign is in the eleventh hour, digital placement offers flexibility for scheduling purposes, and is easily adapted to update or change a message.

You can use assets your campaign might already have, like video, or create new content to continue to reach your target audience. And you don’t need a lot of lead time to purchase and run digital advertising like you do TV, radio or mail. The video you have can be rolling within a few hours of your decision to buy online placement.

Victory Enterprises reached out to Joe Lakin, CEO of Objective Media, for some insight into additional benefits of digital. “While digital can be an effective foundation for starting a campaign’s spending earlier than normal,” said Lakin, “it also provides precision as the list of voter targets shrinks, allows for real-time feedback, and can be utilized as the most effective rapid response medium down the stretch of the campaign. Putting resources into the digital space in the final days of an election can mean the difference between winning and losing last-minute voters.”

Should you find yourself with time running out in the campaign and some money to spend, contact our team of experts. We will help you find the most cost effective space for your message and help you deliver it until the clock hits zero.