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Filing Day is the official start date of your campaign. Even if you’ve started the process of gathering support and spreading the word, this day is a momentous beginning because it marks the recognized start of your campaign in the eyes of the state. Take advantage of the day by turning it into an event.

  1. Plan to take photos during the day
    Bring someone along to help document the day. It is preferable to use someone who has experience with photography and high quality equipment. Asking a photographer to come along for the day will be hugely beneficial to creating a library of images to choose from. If your spouse or family comes along for the filing, it will also be a good opportunity to get portraits and family photos.
  2. Social media strategy
    If you have not already launched a social media presence for your campaign, now is the time to do so. Before filing day, make sure you have a Facebook account set up and invite people to follow. This will maximize the impact filing day will have on your supporters, ensuring they can immediately connect with your announcement and share it with their friends.
  3. Use this day to launch pre-planned content
    When you know filing day is coming, you have the opportunity to prepare content that launches your campaign in a captivating way. One option is to pair your filing announcement with a launch video. A video captures more attention than a stand-alone, static post and communicates your story, issues, and motivation. Here are a couple of examples.

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Victory Enterprises will walk you through every step of filing day. Not only can we support your online presence through complete social media management, but our production team can turn your story into a captivating video that guarantees attention. To start your social media campaign, email our Director of Digital, Charlie Puyear. For your video production needs, reach out to our Head of Production, Ben Muehleisen.