Victory Enterprises is proud to welcome veteran political operative Steele Shippy back to the team! Steele is returning to VE after spending the last several years building strong, grassroots coalitions for ballot issue campaigns and candidates.

As Senior Campaign Consultant, Steele will be focused on expanding VE’s national footprint of successes, working to deliver victories for clients by utilizing more than a decade’s worth of experience in campaigns from municipal to presidential.

“I’ve been fortunate to work and serve in numerous areas of our political process,” says Steele. “It’s been an honor to not only work on local, state, congressional, and presidential campaigns but also serve in leadership positions for office holders in Missouri’s legislative and executive branches.”

In 2016, Steele led the campaign of Missouri Secretary of State, Jay Ashcroft, to a 19-point win; and in 2020, he managed the successful campaign of Governor Mike Parson to a 17-point win. Steele also served as the Executive Assistant to 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee and was a key player in the successes of Missouri’s Right to Farm and Voter ID Constitutional amendments—all powerful examples of his ability to build teams that work hard and get things done.

“Campaigning is like building a rocket ship mid-flight,” says Steele. “And while every team wants to win, only one does. The path to victory takes leadership, hard work, skill, and perhaps even a little bit of old-fashioned luck. But during my career, I’ve developed and executed winning campaign strategies, helped candidates and office holders communicate effectively, and learned to implement the best lesson of all—to always expect the unexpected.”

Looking toward 2022, Steele wants to help candidates get a strong start and hit the ground running.

“The top priority for any candidate right now is fundraising. A candidate can have the best plan and strategy, but those won’t go far without the financial resources to share a winning message,” says Steele. “A winning candidate doesn’t necessarily need to have the most money—but fundraising certainly can’t be last on the priority list.”

But Steele also says that fundraising is so much more than making calls from a list of telephone numbers.

“A candidate’s ace is his or her ability and willingness to be authentic, consistent, and engaging,” says Steele. “When you are authentic, you are also consistent in your core beliefs and guiding principles. And when you are authentic and consistent, your story and message are engaging to the audience—your donors and ultimately the voters.”

Steele is a life-long Missourian who was raised on his family farm in Odessa. He currently lives in St. Louis with his wife and two sons.

“With our young family of two boys—3 years old and 8 months—we are constantly on the move,” says Steele. “Riding bikes, going for walks, digging for worms, and chasing an infant who’s ready to walk any day now—that’s our beautiful life at the moment, and I thank the Lord for the challenge and fun of this stage.”

If you’re ready for victory, you can reach Steele at