When Dayton Murty came to work at Victory Enterprises, he had a burgeoning interest in politics and civic engagement but needed a place to start. Throughout his time in connection with the company, he had numerous opportunities to both work in the office and on campaigns all over the state. His involvement opened doors that he never expected and changed his life completely.

“I started as an intern, but I never felt like one,” said Dayton of his time with Victory Enterprises. “We always had real work to do and I always knew I was a valuable member of the team.”

Through the internship, he was able to work for candidates like Jay Ashcroft, providing valuable, hands on experience that helped connect him to the next steps in his career.

“Nearly every useful piece of knowledge I have about the campaign side of politics came from working for Victory Enterprises,” says Dayton. “What I learned didn’t just come from the projects that I got the opportunity to work on. I had the opportunity to work with extremely experienced political minds and ask questions about the political process, strategy, messaging and so much more.”

Although Dayton Murty got his start with VE working as an intern, he was later given the position of Media Buyer, working on behalf of clients who needed to make airtime purchases for commercials and ads. It was a challenging role that taught him about another side of campaigns.

“I was working remotely as a media buyer, so my biggest challenge was maintaining consistent communication between myself, clients, and coworkers.” Dayton was responsible for making ad buys all over the country, so he had to be cognizant of time zones and working hours on both coasts and everywhere in between. “I learned a lot and I’m grateful for that opportunity.”

After moving to Nebraska with his fiance, Dayton naturally grew involved with politics in that state, working for Victory for a time before moving on to work in the Nebraska State Unicameral. He currently serves as a Legislative Aide to State Senator Andrew LaGrone.

Dayton had spent some time in Jefferson City working around the Missouri State Capitol, so he had experience working in state government. For a while, Dayton had the opportunity to work with the Secretary of State as a legislative liaison, which helped shape Dayton’s expectations for future employment.

As a legislative aide, he works closely with the senator to make sure policy goals are met and conducts meetings with other state officials, senators, and representatives to achieve compromise and progress. The job requires a keen understanding of often complicated policy positions unique to the senator and region he works for, as well as someone who can work well with others and help forge a path to success.

At Victory Enterprises, Dayton Murty more than displayed these qualities through his campaign experience and hard work through the many different tasks laid before him. It was an honor to have him as an employee and intern and we’re proud to see him flourishing in this new role.