We recently featured a free parade checklist for our candidates to use when their campaigns canvas routes in upcoming Memorial Day, Fourth of July and community parades. The number of things to consider may seem overwhelming, but we’re a one-stop shop for parade materials.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your next parade a breeze:

T-Shirts for every volunteer

T-shirts project a united front and visually shows the strength of your campaign. Volunteers love having them, and they are an affordable way to brand your event.

There are lots of options available, which you can find here.

Palm cards to pass out

When you meet potential voters, you want to leave them something to look at and remember you by. There’s a lot of down time waiting for a parade to start, so attendees have the ability and willingness to review what you give them. A palm card is a short bio and gives a quick rundown of your positions.

Think of a palm card as an oversized business card. They’re affordable, and contribute to a professional touch for your campaign. You can find more information about them here.

Stickers to pass out

Stickers affordable and every kid wants one. Handing them out is an easy way to brand the parade route with your campaign logo, and a way to put your name in everyone’s hands. Learn more about stickers here.

A large banner or corrugated plastic sign

If you aren’t branding your parade vehicle, or don’t have volunteers to walk with your campaign signs or a banner, you’re doing it wrong. Signage is an essential element of a parade because everyone in town will see it. Take a look at the options we have available.

Candy Bags

All parades have candy, and all kids love collecting it. Unfortunately, parents often overlook bringing bags to bring it home. Hand out a branded candy bag, and every child will bring a bag with your logo home with them.

Bonus Swag: Can coolers, frisbees, rally fans

Looking for something unique or different to hand out at parades? If a logo can be printed on it, we can accommodate your request. For a list of some of our popular parade products, visit our online store!

For additional product options or for a custom quote, contact our Director of Business Operations, Leslie, today!