By Leslie Owens

There is always some mystery involved in ordering a product through a website if you’ve never done it before, especially something as unique as collateral for a campaign or advocacy group. But whether you need palm cards, stickers, signs, or t-shirts, Victory Enterprises has you covered through a straightforward ordering process.

If you go to our website, we have a navigation bar in the top right of our webpage. The second option after home leads to our online store catalog. Clicking on the “Store” link, you will see a list of collateral options to the left and some popular options listed with pictures in the right-middle. One thing to keep in mind as you begin to price out the pieces you need; any purchase over 250 dollars will guarantee free design services on your order. What would normally cost $75 an hour is waived completely on all purchases $250 or more!

Let’s say you need some yard signs, 18” x 24” corrugated plastic. 150 should be enough for your community canvassing efforts. Once you click on the sign, you will have the option to select your color preferences. We usually break it down by the number of colors and whether you want it printed on one side or both.

Once you have selected the color preferences and the quantity, you will click the “Add to quote” button. One reason we do this is because every product ordered through Victory Enterprises is completely customized for each client. Your quote will be added to the card at the top right of the screen. Once you review your order there, simply fill out the information requested at the bottom and send!

All quotes are commitment-free! If you get an estimate and you’re not sure if it works for you at this time, you aren’t locked into anything right away. When I get the quote, I work up shipping costs and sales tax for the product and send you an email with the updated cost. There are no hidden fees or sneaky additions later on; the cost you get up front is the cost you will pay at the end, provided you don’t make any changes to the order.

Once you’re ready to go, we start talking about what you want; graphic design, logo services, and unique elements that will help your campaign and organization stand out from the crowd. From there, I work with our graphic designer to ensure we can create something that fits your needs.

As the design process unfolds, you’ll be sent proofs of the work to approve and make changes until it fits your specifications. After your approval is complete, we will print, ship, and deliver to your door!

Ordering your campaign collateral through Victory is an easy, no fuss solution to the needs that face every campaign. Whether you’re running for office or running for a cause, we fully customize every design to fit your campaign needs!

Now through August 30, 2019, when ordering online, enter code ‘LESLIE’ in the message box for 10% off your collateral order!