Our Latest Success!

Our Latest Success!

Over the past few years, from Illinois and Missouri to South Carolina, Victory Enterprises has successfully managed campaigns for judges, prosecutors, sheriffs, a state attorney general, as well as local ballot measures and a statewide ballot measure in support of law enforcement.

This week we are highlighting our latest success in this arena – The Public Safety Penny in Festus, Missouri.

VE was hired by the Citizens for Festus Public Safety to help pass a referendum which supported the hiring and training of law enforcement officers and equipment upgrades for first responders – and we delivered!

By blending an appealing and impactful message with an engaging and cohesive direct mail, radio and newspaper ad program, the measure passed with over 67% of the vote. It was yet another great victory for our team helping our friends in law enforcement.

If you have an upcoming ballot measure that will have a positive impact on your community, allow us to assist in your journey!

A long-time political operative in Missouri politics, Joe Lakin is Victory’s resident talking head. If he’s not on This Week in Missouri Politics, he’s taking orders from Georgia Mae and Emilee Lakin.