Victory Enterprises recently partnered with the Associated General Contractors of Iowa (AGC Iowa) to create an immersive, one-stop website for visitors to learn about opportunities and careers available to Iowans interested in entering the state’s skilled construction workforce.

The results turned out great, and the new site serves as an example of the professional design and tech capabilities our team can bring to your business, campaign or association.

Victory Enterprises’ team worked with AGC Iowa to create an experience which allows students, parents and teachers interested in the heavy highway construction industry to access all relevant information in one central location.


Web Form: An online “Construction Interest” web form allows the user to provide information about themselves by filling out a short questionnaire prior to contacting AGC Iowa. This lends helpful background information about the user which allows AGC Iowa to identify the best way to be of assistance.

Direct Access to Career Opportunities: A highly visible link provides the user easy access to information about hiring and employment opportunities, which also allows the user the ability to apply for open positions.

Parent and Teacher Portal: A page dedicated to the interest of parents and teachers can be found directly on the main page. It includes another web form specific for teachers to request a classroom visit for professionals to conduct in-person discussions about careers in the highway construction industry.

VE CEO Brian Dumas said of the partnership, “Given the many needs of AGC Iowa to connect with potential talent and make information about their industry readily available, Victory’s web design team was able to create an immersive, one-stop experience to connect those interested in the construction industry in Iowa with those hiring for construction jobs. It was a partnership that highlighted the unique capabilities of both partners.”

If you, your campaign, your business or your association are interested in learning more about this project, or ways in which we can help promote your brand or interest online, contact Briana Langlois TODAY!