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Virtual Reality saves money, and improves training

“Walmart said.. it is providing Oculus Go virtual reality headsets to all of its US stores as part of a nationwide expansion of a VR-based employee training program. The big box retailer first experimented with VR in its training academies a year ago and now says the program has proved its worth, with employees reporting boosts to confidence and technology familiarity after training on the headsets.” — ZDNet News

Virtual Reality for hard-to-train tasks

VR can create a substitute for training that is:

R – So RARE that it’s difficult to train for in standard training
I – IMPOSSIBLE to train for due to the recreation of the situation, like an underwater pipeline
D – A situation that is too DANGEROUS to put someone at risk in a training environment, like a live (and loose) electrical wire on a pole.
E – Sometimes it’s too EXPENSIVE to train employees or volunteers in a unique situation. It might involve travel or time-consuming set up. In these cases, recreating the situation in virtual reality can be an affordable substitution.

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