Trade Show VR and AR Demonstrations

Trade Show Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Demonstrations

Sometimes you can’t bring your product or process into a trade show because it’s too big, too cumbersome or cannot be transported. But you can recreate it in virtual reality or augmented reality.

  • Recreate large or small objects – like a small chemical or a giant tractor – all in a world of virtual reality
  • Users wear an untethered headset like the Oculus Go, Oculus Quest or Vive Focus
  • We can even put a hologram instructor inside the experience to walk through the demo with people.
  • Within virtual reality, people can drive your product, walk through it or visit it in it’s natural environment.
  • Our 3D Developers recreate your product with amazing specificity.
  • Add audio to completely immerse your trade show participant in the experience
  • Ask us how augmented reality can do the same thing on the phone a user brings with them
  • Include 3D video to add a world of 360 to your project.

 Transform your trade show presentation with VR & AR

Development costs vary, but simple jobs will cost in the ballpark of $5,000 – $7500. More complex jobs will run $10,000 – $15,000. Our largest job cost about $54,000.

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We develop virtual reality on the Unity Platform for these headsets

HTC Vive HTC Focus Windows Mixed Reality
Oculus Rift Oculus Go Oculus Quest (coming soon)

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