In tough elections, every vote counts. The difference between victory and defeat can often be decided by the slightest of margins. Knowing where to put resources to squeeze every vote out of a plan can be difficult to execute properly, but it is something we excel at.

No one knows that better than the South Carolina Republican Party (SCRP). Victory Enterprises was hired by SCRP in late 2018 to manage the field and ground operation to pick up congressional, and hold statewide seats in 2020.

Our objective was to run the strongest ground game in South Carolina history and help elect the candidate who made it through the primary. The effort ultimately became part of a program that helped with victories for Senator Lindsey Graham and Congresswoman Nancy Mace.

Without resources from the Republican National Committee, our team worked with the SCRP to plan and implement all field operations within the state, which included building on small margins in areas favorable to Republicans.

Our team identified three regions to focus on and sent a dedicated group of door knockers into the neighborhoods. Their focus was to reach known Republican voters in-person, and continue to build the relationship with them via follow up communications such as text messages, digital ads and hand-written notes.

Despite being at many disadvantages, the work paid off.

Representative Mace called her upset victory, “unlike anything South Carolina has ever seen, on the ground here, and that was why we won.”

Candidates fighting for every vote can trust Victory Enterprises to help them with their mission.

For more information about our field work and how we can help you, contact Whitney Michael.