America is officially less than one month away from the 2022 midterm elections. While that may be welcome news for most Americans, campaigns are in a scramble to calculate final costs and put the finishing touches on their budget. Anticipating last-minute needs and integrating last-minute contributions can be a challenge.

Here is how we suggest putting to use unexpected contributions that come in the door at the eleventh hour.


The beauty of a digital display program is the flexibility it offers the campaign. Messages can be reworked or swapped out quickly and efficiently, and the audience receiving the message can be adjusted with ease. What’s more, a digital budget can be ramped up right until Election Day, so any unexpected infusions of money can be spent efficiently and reliably to deliver your campaign’s message

Phone Calls and Text Messages

The affordability of auto calls or text messages cannot be understated. They are easy to produce, quick to turn around, and can reach targeted audiences large or small. That makes them a great option to reach voters if money needs to be spent fast.

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