We are now at a point in the election cycle where nearly all states have held their partisan primaries. That means the candidates have been determined, and general election opponents have been matched.

It also means that your campaign needs to switch its focus and review its message so that you’re talking to the voters who matter the most.

In the primary, your focus was identifying voters on your side and appealing to them. Now you must appeal to that group, but also to a wider, more moderate demographic of voters – and the message you communicate must reflect that.

Here are the three updates that ought to be made immediately.

Your Website and Social Media Pages

Now is the time to comb through your website and update it, along with your social media bio pages, with your positions on issues that resonate with general election voters. Some of the issues voters in the primary are concerned with are not necessarily the same as general election voters. Identify the difference and make updates accordingly.

Printed Material

If you or your team were out knocking on doors and attending events, chances are that you have some sort of printed material, like a palm card, that you take wherever you go. A complete overhaul of your primary printed material is not necessary, but like your website, update it to contain information about your positions on issues that cater to a wider audience. And remember to keep things simple. You don’t need a complete redesign, just a change to freshen up your message.

Day-to-day Outreach

In the primary campaign, you probably stuck pretty closely to attending events that involved voters and supporters that are like-minded, and had meetings with groups that were on the same page as you. However, in the general election, now is a good time to expand your network and acquaint yourself with organizations and people which don’t completely fit your mold. Even if they are not there 100% with you, their vote still matters, and it’s likely that you’ll achieve some success converting new relationships into votes.

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