By: Charlie Puyear, Digital Director

Any candidate trying to get a digital campaign off the ground will quickly find out last year’s rules don’t apply. In their battle to combat misinformation and foreign interference, Facebook, Google, and other major digital ad networks are continuously updating their policies for political issue and election ads.

The digital team at VE stays up to date on any regulatory or platform changes to ensure our clients’ campaigns are prepared for anything. It takes hours of research, seminar attendance, and course certification to run effective political ads online these days. Despite these challenges, you can trust the team at Victory to stay one step ahead.

To stay on the cutting edge, VE’s digital team is always learning new techniques and adapting to a rapidly changing environment. Digital advertising is constantly in flux, as the industry rapidly innovates new ways to target your audience. Through Objective Media, we have utilized our proprietary Real-Time-Research tool to give campaigns and causes the knowledge they need to craft winning messaging delivered to the right audience.

For any campaign, big or small, a successful digital campaign begins with the early use of social media. In most situations, Facebook is still king. If you are working with a small budget and can only use one, it should be your leading platform. The earlier you begin to execute a social media strategy, the longer you will have to build an audience and tailor your strategy to its engagement. This will enable you to deploy brand assets when it matters most.

Despite the many policy changes and red tape, Facebook still offers the best opportunity to meaningfully connect with voters and remains the most accessible digital platform.

Whether you’re getting started on a city council or county race, or gearing up for a state office run in 2022, the digital team at Victory Enterprises is prepared to help you cut through the noise and custom build a social media strategy that works for you. To get started, email me today.