Betty Fogle has been a part of the Victory Enterprises family since 2003 when she called her former Sunday school student, Steve Grubbs, and asked for something to do.  She had retired from the Davenport Chamber of Commerce after 40 years working there, but a lazy retirement just wasn’t for her.  Eager to keep busy and find meaningful work, she began working as Steve’s Administrative Assistant.

“Every day is a pleasure to come to work,” says Betty. “My duties mainly involve keeping Steve’s schedule but I do have the advantage of observing and helping where I can in the many activities that go on at the home office.”

Betty grew up going to a two-room schoolhouse when graduating high school was still a major accomplishment.  “I had some excellent teachers, good examples of citizenship, and knew the curriculum was sufficient to prepare me for the world.”  After high school, she took office classes that prepared her to work in an insurance office before going to work in the Missouri State Capitol for her State Representative.

After one session, Betty returned to the insurance office but soon found herself moving again; this time with her new husband all the way to Oklahoma, where she worked in the office of an oil pump manufacturer.

“I enjoyed 39 years with a man I was very much in love with.  We had two sons.”  Betty is now a widow and her youngest son, unfortunately, passed away two years ago.  But she enjoys spending time with her two grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.  “My family is very dear and important in my life.”

After moving back to Iowa, Betty found a job working with the Davenport Chamber of Commerce, a position that suited her for over 40 years before retirement.  Betty is industrious and dedicated and makes life at Victory so much easier.  We are grateful for her hard work!