When Kyote Dunn was in college, his Ag teacher decided to run for an open State Senate seat in Oklahoma.  Knowing his student was interested in politics, the teacher asked a young Kyote to consider coming onto the campaign as manager.  The race, in Kyote’s words was “NOT easy” but the victory at the end left him hooked.

Ever since, Kyote Dunn has stayed in touch with Victory Enterprises staff and helped out wherever he could on campaigns around Oklahoma.  Now a senior in college, due to graduate this spring with a Bachelors in Business Administration and Economics, he has officially joined the VE team as our Associate State Director in Oklahoma.  In this role, he will assist Whitney Michael with day to day operations and client relations.“After managing the state senate campaign, I realized I deeply enjoyed the campaign managing and consulting side of politics,” says Kyote.  “My first campaign exposed me to a side of politics I had never seen before and the lessons I learned through that opportunity were invaluable.  I have been proud to offer my experience to many more successful campaigns.”

Kyote Dunn grew up in Oklahoma on his parent’s bull ranch.  His late father founded the ranch 35 years ago to raise mexican fighting bulls for bloodless bull fighting events all over the United States.  Kyote and his brothers currently manage the operation of the business.

In college, Kyote has been inducted to multiple honor societies, most notable of them Beta Gamma Sigma, an international business honor society.  Learning how to manage a business has been an easy skill to translate into politics, as most campaigns should be run with the same organization and eye for detail.

“A consultant offers an outside perspective to whatever the campaign is dealing with.  He can generally identify what is working and what needs to change in order to help the campaign operate more effectively.”

While working on his first State Senate campaign, the most important lesson he learned was to keep your boots on the ground, especially the candidate.  “It’s easy for candidate’s to get a tunnel vision and lose sight of the most important tasks while they get caught in the details of the campaign,” says Kyote. “People respect you more when they know you’re out in the district working hard to earn their vote.  People will recognize your character and be more inclined to vote for you.”

“Face to face campaigning is the number one priority of any candidate and you have to learn to trust your team to organize the rest.”  Kyote has proudly worked on numerous Oklahoma campaigns and has seen consistent results for the candidate that works the hardest on the ground.  “People respect you more when they know you’re out doing the same work as a volunteer.  People will recognize your character in that and be more inclined to vote for you.”

If you’re a candidate looking to get your campaign started in Oklahoma, you can trust that Victory Enterprises has the best team ready to get you across the finish line!