Once again, Victory Enterprises’ team was awarded three Pollies from the American Association of Political Consultants for efforts in the 2022 election.

The three industry awards centered around Victory’s media work in Iowa in the fierce battle between Republican incumbent Dawn Driscoll and Democrat incumbent Kevin Kinney – It was the cycle’s highest profile legislative race. Despite conventional wisdom suggesting Kinney was the favorite, Driscoll would win by a margin of 54-46%.

“Since 2016, Victory Enterprises has partnered with the Iowa Senate Republicans to win back the majority and ultimately create a Republican supermajority alongside Majority Leader Jack Whitver,” CEO Brian Dumas said. “We’re humbled that our award-winning television and radio in this race has been recognized by our peers, and we could support a great State Senator in Dawn Driscoll.”

Victory Enterprises has received awards in each of the past three cycles for cutting-edge television, radio, direct mail and digital campaigns.