• April 16, 2018
  • Briana
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Digital strategist Charlie Puyear also named Director of Digital

Davenport, IA — For the second straight year, Victory Enterprises (VE) has been awarded the prestigious Pollie Award for the Best Republican Digital Campaign. The award was given for the creation of ShieldsTurk.com and the supporting digital campaign in the contentious 8th District Missouri State Senate special election in 2017. VE received the top award for a GOP firm last year for our 34 No More campaign defeating the Democrat Iowa Senate Majority Leader, a 34 year incumbent. Charlie Puyear, who led each of the award-winning campaigns, has also been named the Director of Digital at VE.

“These back-to-back awards are further proof that Charlie Puyear and our digital team at Victory Enterprises are delivering the country’s most innovative and creative campaigns,” said Chief Development Officer Joe Lakin. “As one of the nation’s top digital strategists, he will be a perfect fit to oversee the digital campaigns of our sixty digital clients.”

“Through our incredible creative, web and digital management teams, we are delivering the best digital campaigns for clients at every level,” said Charlie Puyear, Director of Digital. “The Shields Turk and 34 No More campaigns were integrated campaigns with online and offline elements that drove key messages and, most importantly, delivered victories for our clients.”

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