At the beginning of March, 2018, Victory Enterprises had the privilege of offering an internship to Sarah Buxton, a soon-to-be-graduate of Drury University with an interest and plenty of experience in politics.  For a year, she worked with the Victory team on everything from research to mail to polling, helping hundreds of races and learning valuable skills along the way.

She has since graduated and completed her internship.  Sarah Buxton now works as the project coordinator for Show Me Christian County, an organization dedicated to economic development in the Christian County community.

“My favorite projects when I was working for Victory were the ones where I saw campaign signage I had worked on in my own district,” Sarah says.  “It really helped bring my job to life and I was able to see the impact my work had on the community.  I get to see that impact in my current job as well.”

Sarah says her time with Victory was a huge learning opportunity and a chance to see politics from a really unusual angle.  “I had worked on campaigns before, but I

didn’t really think about where the mail came from.   Working with Victory opened my eyes to how much work and how many people are really involved in a campaign.”

Unlike interns who get coffee and office supplies, Sarah was given real work for real clients.  “I was given responsibilities I never imagined I would have as an intern.”  She handled hundreds of mail pieces, palm cards, billboards and press releases.  Her work connected her to campaigns across the country and required a broad knowledge of many different districts and community needs.

“Probably the most valuable skill I learned as an intern at Victory was project management,” says Sarah.  “I had multiple clients to work for and I had to learn how to balance those projects and ensure I got them done at a time.  That skill has served me well at Show Me Christian County.”

Sarah’s new role is focused on creating economic opportunities in Christian County.  The group was formed in 2017 with the intent of helping business and local governments and organizations make their communities more business-friendly and invite entrepreneurs to take chance on Christian county workers.

“I got to work alongside some stellar individuals who taught me so much about the consulting world, and I’ve been able to apply so much of my experience with them to what I do now.”  Sarah Buxton was a valuable employee for Victory Enterprises and we’re proud of what she has gone on to accomplish!