Congratulations! You’d made the decision to run for office. Now what?

Undoubtedly, you have a lot of work and organization ahead of you. Don’t get overwhelmed – start small.

You are going to need a presence when you attend events and introduce yourself to voters, donors and community leaders. You can make your first interaction memorable putting together a simple piece of campaign lit – a palm card.

Here’s why they are important:

1) Palm cards act as your business card. It is the first printed material the public will see about your campaign, and you have control over it. We recommend keeping them short and include your photo, contact info, a short bio and your position on issues.

2) Palm cards are versatile. You can hand them out at parades and other community events you attend, leave them with homeowners when knocking on doors, mail them to supporters and potential donors and leave them on tables for people to browse at fairs and political dinners.

3) Palm cards are cheap (and even more affordable if you take advantage of our current sale!). A campaign’s budget is always tight, so you’re looking for the biggest bang for your buck. For pennies a piece, their value is hard to beat.

At Victory Enterprises, we’ve created palm cards for hundreds of candidates – from presidential to school board and all races in between. Our experienced writers and designers know what the public wants to see and learn about you, and we’ve developed the knowledge to make your palm card a success!

We’re ready to help your campaign stand out!