A turn of the calendar means that newly elected and reelected officials will be sworn into office, commencing new legislative sessions nationwide.

Now is the time for advocacy groups to reactivate their goals.


Victory Enterprises’ in-house professionals are experienced in issue advocacy, and are prepared to help you to effectively deliver your message to your members and lawmakers.

Here are a few ways in which we can help you relay important information, or make a call to action –

Phones:  An affordable way for you to activate your members, phone services give you a variety of options for engagement.  Live operator calling allows you to deliver a persuasive message directly to members and can help identify the issues most important to them.  Patch-through calling gets in touch with your members and allows them to reach out directly to the legislator’s office.

Mail:  A tried and true method of government and political outreach, VE has designed various methods of mail communication; Including direct mail to communicate a specific message to members, and programs for members to communicate a message to legislators directly.

Digital:  The newest and increasingly most important means of communication, digital advertising targets individuals or groups of people who need to see your message with a succinct message and pinpoint accuracy.  Affordably reach viewers before online videos, as they visit websites, and on social media.

For more information about how we can help you effectively communicate your message, contact Leslie Owens at Leslie@victoryenterprises.com