In case you haven’t noticed, it’s political campaign sign season in America. Yard signs are popping up in front of homes and on street corners in your neighborhood.

Candidates and consultants may choose different approaches to the way they run a race, but the fact is that yard signs are a staple, and they’re here to stay.

You DO NOT want to be the candidate without yard signs, and here’s why:

They Raise Name IQ Quickly: It’s simple. People won’t vote for you if they’ve never heard of you. Campaign signs are a simple and sure-fire way to get voters to see and recognize your name.

They Create a Sense of Momentum: If hundreds or thousands of signs pop up around the district, your campaign will appear ascendant. People are more likely to support a candidate if they think all their friends and neighbors support them as well. Not to mention, seeing signs spread out along heavily-trafficked roads is sure to scare your opponent!

They Create Visibility: Often candidates, especially challengers, are labeled as “radical,”“risky,”or even “dangerous” in broadcast media and whisper campaigns. Having yard-signs spread throughout the district will help defend against these negative attacks. With hundreds of signs displayed, each representing a personal endorsement, voters are a lot less likely to believe that the candidate is a long-shot.

They Create an Organized Structure: Implementing a successful sign strategy forces the campaign to be organized. Keeping track of lists for large sign locations, yard-sign requests, putting them up and fixing damaged signs is hard work that requires a lot of organization. If a campaign does this right, then the foundations of the organization and stability will bleed over into other aspects of the campaign.

Your Supporters Want Them: Probably the easiest way for a supporter to be connected to a campaign is with a yard sign. They can feel as if they are doing something for a candidate they support without actually doing anything. The fact is, most supporters won’t actively volunteer to make calls or knock doors – but in order to have a sense of engagement, they’ll request a yard sign. Give them what they want, and let their yard do the promotion for you!

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