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Where’s the Most Valuable Real Estate for Business Today?  The App Screens of a Billion Mobile Users.

Consider these Facts:
In 2012, the number of searches on the desktop declined for the very first time, while mobile reached 20% of the total searches…and growing quickly.
Today in the United States, almost 60% of Americans have a smartphone….and consumers coming into the market, those under 34, it’s 80%.
And mobile apps, those applications downloaded out of Google Play or the App Store, are the new gold rush.   Look no further than Instagram as an example of pure pay dirt.  The Instagram photo app and its 30 million users was purchased by Facebook for $1 billion after just two years in existence.
The mobile revolution can make your organization leaner, more efficient, more attractive to customers and more profitable, or it can simply make your organization irrelevant.
Do you have a strategic plan to own real estate on the mobile devices of your target market?
To stake your claim in mobile, visit or learn how Victory Enterprises can create an affordable solution for your company.
Brian Dumas, President of Victory Enterprises & VictoryApps

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