By Danielle Savage Hobbs

If you’ve decided to run for school board, city council, or any other municipal office this spring, you may be looking for the most professional campaign tools you can get on a budget. Although you might be strapped for cash, there is no reason you can’t run a polished and cohesive campaign through Victory’s digital program.

We want to stretch your dollar as far as it goes and social media is where every good campaign starts. No campaign these days can run without a social media account, which helps galvanize followers, attract new voters, and serves as a hub for campaign information. You can quickly set yourself apart from the crowd if your page is organized and well-run.

For any campaign, but especially yours, the essential elements are 1. Consistent content, 2. Cohesive brand, and 3. Targeted ads.

Consistent Content

Consistent content means that your messaging is regularly broadcast to followers. Posting on your page regularly, as often as you can, helps maintain your connection to followers and boosts the natural engagement of your page.

Cohesive Brand

A cohesive brand starts with a thoughtfully designed logo, consistent use of fonts and layouts, and images. Consider doing a photoshoot with a local photographer for high-quality images to use on your social media. The talented, in-house designers at Victory will work with you to establish a brand and a logo that will make your campaign pop.

Targeted Ads

Targeted ads are where the rubber hits the road. You want to promote your campaign message to the people who will be most receptive, not just the general, indifferent public. This will require data on who votes in your district and how they do it. If you’re not a statistician, that might seem like a daunting task, but fortunately, we can take care of it. Not only do we have the ability to filter through the data to find the right voter file for you, but we can also manage your ads to make sure they’re in front of the right people every time.

Social media is the cornerstone of your campaign, but it is not the only, essential element to a professional campaign.

Digital advertising takes you beyond the confines of social media and into the rest of the online world. When people check the weather, the news, browse a blog, or search for recipes, your name can be right there with them. Display advertising stays local, targeted toward the same people you’ll be reaching on facebook. Our team handles design to execution. Display advertising can be very affordable and fits any campaign budget.

Bonus! Adding Text Messaging

A bonus addition to your budget is a text program. While not strictly digital, this is an incredibly affordable and easy way to reach voters. Texting voters can be very cheap, can contain an image, and quickly communicate your message. When you already have the data for your social media and display advertising, this is a great addition to your campaign plan.

When planning a budget, these key, digital elements are essential to a successful campaign. Expanding your reach online compliments your ground game and literature distribution. The more impressions you make on a voter, the more likely they are to remember your campaign and cast that critical vote in your favor on election day. Social media, display advertising, and text are all within reach of any campaign budget.

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