Graham Construction App

Project Details
Project Title: Graham Construction Company Mobile App
Category: Mobile App
Client: Graham Construction Company
Completion Date: Jun 2019

Key Features

This app allows teams working on construction sites to send out updates, plans, and contact other members of the team, as well as viewing live camera feeds of construction sites.

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Conservation Federation of Missouri

Project Details
Project Title: Conservation Federation of Missouri Website Redesign
Category: Website Redesign
Client: Conservation Federation of Missouri
Completion Date: Aug 2021

Key Features

The Conservation Federation of Missouri website offers information on their organization, along with an ecommerce store.  Visitors to the site can sign up to help the conservation effort, and view any upcoming events. 

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Graham Group Inc

Project Details
Project Title: Graham Group Website Redesign
Category: Website Redesign
Client: The Graham Group, Inc.
Completion Date: Jun 2019

Key Features

This website allows for users to learn about The Graham Group, real estate specialists in Iowa. Users can browse a variety of medical, commercial, and warehouse properties.

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  • Location: Test
  • Surface Area: Test
  • Architect: Test
  • Year Of Complited: Test
  • Project Value: Test

ALM Positioners

Project Details
Project Title: ALM Positioners VR Experience
Category: Virtual Reality
Client: ALM Positioners
Completion Date: 2019

Key Features

This VR Experience helps tech show visitors experience ALM Positioners with limited floor space. Users can interact with the machinery seamlessly and feel like they are on the factory floor.

Roby Smith “Never Misses” TV

Fitzpatrick “Big Fish” TV

Driscoll “Truth” TV


Project Details
Project Title: HACR Website Redesign
Category: Website Redesign
Client: Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility
Completion Date: Nov 2017

Key Features

The HACR website details the organization’s commitment to Hispanic representation in corporate America. Users can request presentations, along with viewing detailed reports on corporate inclusion over the years.

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Yellowstone County Republicans

Milton Law Group

Project Details
Project Title: MLG Web Development
Category: Website Redesign
Client: Mark Milton
Completion Date: August 2020

Key Features

This website allows for users to learn about Milton Law Group and how they can help solve their tax issues. Clients can look through the services they offer and contact them for a consultation. 

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Community Health Center of Central Missouri

Project Details
Project Title: CHCCMO Website Redesign
Category: Website Redesign
Client: Community Health Center of Central Missouri
Completion Date: Nov 2017

Key Features

This website allows for future and returning patients to learn about CHCCMO. It includes a directory of providers and plenty of information on all departments the Community Health Center offers.

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Stateline Strategies

Project Details
Project Title: StateLine Strategies Website Redesign
Category: Website Redesign
Client: StateLine Strategies
Completion Date: Mar 2020

Key Features

The StateLine Strategies site details their governmental consulting services. It offers a library of links to federal and regional political sites, along with detailing information on how Stateline Strategies will assist in media, lobbying, or consulting. 

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  • client: test
  • Location: test
  • Surface Area: test
  • Architect: test
  • Year Of Complited: test
  • Project Value: test

Paul Pate

KC Lobby


Project Details
Project Title: Kennelwood Website
Category: Website Redesign
Client: Kennelwood Pet Resorts
Completion Date: Apr 2022

Key Features

The Kennelwood Pet Resorts website offers pet-owners boarding, grooming, training, and more. Users can reserve these services online and browse the site for glowing testimonials from all Kennelwood locations.

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Tortoise Properties

Scott Talley “Professor Talley” TV

Frontier Hospitality Group

Roby Smith “Losing Interest” TV




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Project Details
Project Title: FetchFind Website Redesign
Category: Website Redesign
Client: FetchFind
Completion Date: Jun 2022

Key Features

The FetchFind website offers free information along with paid subscriptions to help pet professionals in the industry.

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Project Details
Project Title: ResourceOneIFN Website Redesign
Category: Website Redesign
Client: ResourceOneIFN
Completion Date: May 2022

Key Features

The ResourceOne site helps provides educators information on investing, home-owning, and finances. It features several videos and testimonials providing invaluable information to educators.

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Reza Companies

Jordan Valley Health

Randy Feenstra (Congress)


Greta Give Hope

Orange Theory Fitness VR Demo

IA Senate Majority Fund


John Murante


Scott Fitzpatrick (State Treasurer)

William Timmons for Congress (SC)

Loras College VR Demo

Loras College


Jack Whitver


Jim Baird for Congress

Missouri Health Care Association

Carrie Koelker – “Guess Who”

John Murante – “Endorsements”

Fix Our Roads – “Spill”

Roby Smith – “Reliable”

Brent Howard – “Laughable”

Graham Construction Company

The Law Office of Steve Slough

Elijah Haahr

Dave Schatz

Eric Zahnd – Protecting Children

Alan Wilson – Scout Oath

RPI – Whitver – Rachel

Locke Thompson – Belong

OTC – Yes on A&B

David Gregory – Working Families

RPI – Cournoyer – Solutions


Assumption Stem VR Demo

Alan Wilson for Attorney General (SC)

John Murante

Jim Baird

Annette Sweeney

Shields – Turk

Yes For OTC – Yes on A & B

Paul Pate

He’s With Her

Cierpiot for State Senate

Clayton Times

Iowans for Tax Relief

Missouri Club For Growth

Victory VR Real Estate Demo

Iowa Legal Aid

Koehler Electric – Whiteboard

ChalkBites – An Easy Way to Train Your Umpires

One Mahaska

Sinclair Store

Jonathan Grable

Scott Talley

Joe Walsh

Rand Paul Store

Engage Iowa Social Media

Scott Fitzpatrick

Jay Ashcroft

Ken Buck

Todd Richardson

Mike Cierpiot

America’s Renewable Future

Dan McConchie

Missouri Farmer’s Care


Scott Pruitt

Protect The Harvest PAC Iowa U.S. Senate “Muddin’”

Missouri Farmers Care Amendment 1 “Grocery Run”

Missouri HRCC, Inc. Caleb Rowden 2012 “Something Better”

Bill Eigel for State Senate

Chris Kidd for Senate

Living Lands & Water River Cleanup


MO HRCC – “Winder”

Missouri Farmers Care – “HSUS Revealed”

MO KS Chamber – “Where is Steve Morris”

MO HRCC – “Real Man of Politics”

Mike Parson – “Pledge”

Caleb Rowden – “Good Investment”

Bill Northey – “Remember The Name”

Klipsch for Mayor


Victory Enterprises designed the Klipsch for Mayor website with a unique WordPress theme and custom coding. This website gives easy access for Klipsch voters to learn more about Frank Klipsch, to sign up for updates and share posts through social media, to volunteer to help out with the campaign, and to make contributions.

Doe Run


Victory Enterprises designed the Doe Run website as a custom petition HTML landing page. This webpage allows Doe Run to educate and connect with the world around them by providing those who visit the site with their company history and dedication to Missouri, the option to receive updates and share their posts on social media, and by allowing others to share their own stories about what Doe Run has done for them and their families. – See more at: