With over three decades of combined experience, Victory Enterprises offers political and marketing research that is accurate, affordable and actionable.

Using the latest techniques and technologies, our research reaches the respondents you need in a world growing more mobile by the day.

We use live, accent neutral callers to ensure accurate, unbiased data. We don’t just give you the findings and send you on your way, we work with you to turn those numbers into viable solutions for your campaign, association or company.

Quantitative Research: The Numbers Never Lie


Put simply, our polling wins races. Whether it is a base-line poll, quick brushfire test, or nightly tracking;
Victory Enterprises provides the accurate and robust testing you need to understand where the voters are at and how you can bring them to your side.


Have the perfect product or service offering? Our market research will help identify who your best potential customers are and how you can convert them from leads to loyal buyers.


Whether you’re a company, member association, or municipality, it is vital to understand whether, and to what extent, the people you serve are satisfied with your efforts. Our Satisfaction Surveys will give you the information you need to meet the needs and demands of your customers, members, or citizens.

Qualitative Research: Go Beyond The Numbers


Sometimes numbers and graphs are not enough. You need to see and hear real-time reactions from actual people. Our experienced and effective focus group moderators will ensure you get honest reactions and input from your target audience.

Interested? Not sure where to go from here? Contact us and we will provide you with a free consultation to explore what services best meet your research needs.