Campaign Management

We provide comprehensive campaign management for candidates, causes and corporations. Our process is proven and has a 20-year track record of winning for our clients. Whether you’re running for US Senate, trying to pass a ballot measure or advocating for a cause in the public policy arena, we have a proven process to help you win.

General Consulting:

Our team will design and execute a strategy with one goal in mind; winning. We can develop your message, recruit your team and manage your vendors. Nobody does it better than VE.

Media Consulting:

Our comprehensive approach to media solutions means we will tell you what media strategy makes sense for you. Unlike firms who do only one form of media and will bias your strategy to their needs, we always put our clients interests first.


We have a team committed to helping our advocacy clients win in the public policy arena. Whether it’s moving public opinion, activating voters or recruiting coalition partners to your cause, our record is unparalleled.