Wayne Yocum, Chief Creative Officer

As Fall approaches and campaigns begin their final spring to the General Election, it’s a good time to reflect on the lessons learned during this unprecedented Primary season.

I asked Victory Enterprises’ Chief Political Officer, Steve Michael, and Objective Media’s CEO Joe Lakin, what they saw during the past few months that campaigns should employ to maximize results for November.

Move Faster:
Voters are concerned about voting in person and most states have made it easier to vote via alternative means, like in-person absentee voting or vote-by-mail, which means voters are making up their minds and voting earlier than ever. Campaigns need to adjust their timelines so that their critical messaging campaigns are not landing too late. Run absentee and early-voting efforts like your life depends on it.

Check Your Data:
The emphasis on, and improved accessibility of, non-traditional voting mechanisms is shaking up the make-up of the electorate. Atypical voters, who you might not expect to turnout, are now participating in the process. Campaigns need to ensure this is reflected in their polling and target audiences.

Doors Still Matter:
With more people staying at home, response rates on door knocking campaigns actually increased. However, these campaigns must be done responsibly, for the health of your team and the voters. Utilize masks and hand sanitation and, instead of handing literature directly to voters, use campaign branded bags to hang literature on doors. Always maintain a respectful distance.

Traditional Advertising Is Now More Cost-Effective:
People are stuck at home so they’re watching more TV, however advertising revenue has dried up as large corporations have slashed their marketing budgets due to shutdowns and shelter-in-place orders. This means that ad inventory is more available, and affordable, than it has been in years.

Digital Delivers:
Even with the increased cost-effectiveness of traditional advertising, emerging digital and social media channels continue to produce impressive results for social engagement and rapid response. These channels provide the ability to deliver custom messages to curated audiences, along with ROI analytics, that is unmatched by legacy advertising media. The tools continue improving, almost daily and people are more active on social media now than they have ever been and most of what they’re talking with each other about is current events.

In this dynamic and challenging political environment, the campaigns that adapt and employ these 5 key lessons from the Pandemic Primary will be poised for victory in the Fall.

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