Mark Knoop, a longtime consultant with Victory Enterprises, was recently highlighted for his work as founder of Forward Charlotte, a pro-business and pro-family advocacy group in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Knoop’s insight has helped many campaigns accomplish their goals. We asked for his advice to any young group wanting to make a change in their community.

What advice would you give to someone trying to start an advocacy group in their community?

I would start with a question: Does your group provide a solution to a problem? Start with a big-picture objective or a specific problem to solve, grow supporters and contributors, and stick to those objectives.

Secondly, don’t let others hijack your purpose or your platform, but local stakeholders can provide unique perspectives on local issues and landscapes.

Lastly, I would remind people to get technical. The legal piece is something often overlooked. When engaging in issue advocacy and elections, there are rules that regulate the types of activities in which your organization can engage and how it engages.

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