With much of America still quarantined at home, now is a chance to effectively reach them without having to break any social distancing mores!

While new methods of communication between campaigns and voters is constantly changing, there is always an affordable, tried-and-true method of reaching people that has stood the test of time – auto calls.

Our consultants and experts have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts to make your campaign’s next auto call more effective and diligent.


  1. Clearly state your name and what you are running for in the very first sentence. Not only is it required during the call, you want to project your name right away while you have the listener’s attention.
  2. Remember to include the date of your election.
  3. Write out and practice your script before recording your call. There is nothing worse than a clunky, meandering message. Recipients won’t have the patience for it.
  4. Ask a well known and respected surrogate to record the call for you. Having someone who has endorsed your campaign demonstrates the strength of your candidacy, and it legitimizes your message.
  5. Know your audience. If you are delivering your call to a universe targeting a certain type of voter, make sure your message resonates with their interests and voting tendencies.
  6. If possible, record using a landline; You’ll record a clearer message. If you only have a cell phone, no problem. Both work.
  7. Clearly state the telephone number or address of the source initiating the call at the end of your message.


  1. Don’t go on for more than 30 seconds. You aren’t reading the listener a book, and they don’t want to hear it.
  2. Don’t forget your campaign disclaimer at the end of your message!
  3. Don’t forget to ask for the recipient’s vote.
  4. Don’t overdo the message. Auto calls are not for nitty gritty details. Stick to the facts – who you are, a line or two about why you are running, election date, as for their vote, disclaimer language and done.
  5. Don’t schedule the call to deliver during the dinner hour or too late into the evening. Families don’t want to be interrupted, and they don’t want to be hassled late at night
  6. To expand on #5, don’t schedule your call to go out the night before the election – it will get lost in the clutter with other similar calls. Be creative. Pair it with the timing of a mailing that will be delivered, the start of a tv ad campaign or before a big event.

Stick to these principles and your auto call game will excel!