Victory Enterprises has been using Field Trust to change the frontier of grassroots organization. We’ve helped numerous candidates connect with their communities through a targeted deployment of resources aimed at mobilizing every last vote in a community.

“We’re proud of the work we’ve accomplished through Field Trust and our grassroots strategy,” says Victory CEO, Brian Dumas. “In South Carolina, we helped the State Republican Party, Senator Lindsey Graham, and Congresswoman Nancy Mace secure historic wins. In Iowa we partnered with Congressman Randy Feenstra and Congresswoman Marianette Miller-Meeks, the latter winning on a tight margin where every vote mattered. Having a team dedicated to customizing all the unique aspects of your campaign makes the difference in a difficult race.”

An essential element to these campaigns was a strong digital presence. Your online campaign connects your in-person interactions with ongoing community building. If face-to-face interactions are the backbone of your campaign, digital is like the muscle that holds everything together.

Our Digital Director, Charlie Puyear, has been managing the online face of campaigns for over 6 years. Between emerging trends and changing online mediums, he understands there are consistent values to follow for any campaign.

“Trust is important,” says Puyear. “Trust with a campaign’s grassroots supporters is built through consistent, authentic, and relevant communication. These supporters are going to be the people who you ask to do the heavy lifting for your campaign, which means they have to be bought into your efforts. Before you can call them to action, you have to earn their support.”

You have to view your campaign as a community. Connecting with them directly through email or sharing information through social media is a key part of your grassroots-focused campaign. “A social media presence is the most efficient way to communicate and build trust and loyalty among grassroots supporters,” says Puyear. “Social media allows campaigns to communicate with key grassroots supporters with ease at a greater frequency than ever, which in turn builds stronger relationships between these supporters and the campaign.”

As you plan for 2022, do you have a grassroots strategy that reaches for every vote in person and online? If you want to partner with a team who does it all, email Whitney Michael.